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Saturday, December 15, 2012

There are no words.

There are no words we can give the families that lost their dear ones; no words could erase the sorrow and loss they must be feeling.
But this is what we can do. Let's help the families of yesterday's tragedy. Ambersuperntural AndYareviews is holding a cherity event to help raise money for families who can't afford funerals.

Directly from the event page:

I am trying to raise funds to go directly to the families affected by the tragedy from the Connecticut shooting on Dec. 14th!! Please help me send money to help with families in need for funeral arrangements and memorials or such for those precious lives that were lost!

So here is what I am asking you guys to do, visit this link, donate and forward your receipt that is emailed to you to my email at agarcia6510w(at)gmail(dot)com!! Thanks everyone!!

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