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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lost Indian Gold by Robert G. Rogers

My review for: Lost Indian Gold by Robert G. Rodgers
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Jacque Burford

*I received this book as an ARC for my honest opinion.

The time is 1940. Spud and his family are forced to move from their home. Along the way they stop to do some fishing and Spud gets lost and separated from his family. This is the story of his adventures.

The author did a very will job in keeping the audience entranced. I found the wording very authentic - all told from first person perspective and the characters very likeable (how cute are those little sisters). This book could easily be a nice summer time read for any pre-teen. Young Mark Twain fans will love this book.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Devil Du Jour (Book 2 of The Book Waitress Series) by Deena Remiel

Review for: Devil Du Jour (Book 2 of The Book Waitress Series) by Deena Remiel
Anne Nelson

Yay, as I fly into Devil Du Jour with its continuing story and events from The Book Waitress!

I must tell you right now that I am a HUGE fan of author Deena Remiel!! I fell in love with the mighty “Brethren” books, and have been hooked ever since. *swoon* I always wait eagerly for the next book to come out. Man, oh man you gotta love my boys!!

Now Deena Remiel has done it again, I am now truly captivated on this new series The Book Waitress. Weaving all the characters together, making a spellbinding story for us all as avid Deena readers to enjoy.

Now lets see, in book two Devil Du Jour Camille and Derek’s relationship is ramping up as the events of the ugly evil rears it ugly head *shivers*, to try and grip a tighter hold on the town that they live in. Will evil succeed ? I don’t think so not with Camille and Derek around!!! The mighty duo of strength.

Camille will be taking a big step as she moves forward in major way, that only she can do to try and unravel the mysteries of the evil. What is it that she can do? Do you know what it is? I do… Hoping to get answers to what’s going on.

There is so much that is happening in this story that to go any further will be giving to much away, and thus giving spoilers. So at this point I must say that if you haven’t got your hands on this series, you are truly missing out on a spectacular book and phenomenal read!!!.

So start with The Book Waitress read it real fast to get caught you on the storyline, then fly your happy excited self straight into Devil Du Jour!!! Poof, you will be exactly where I am now, waiting for Demon A La Mode with it’s follow-up to this series.

I can seem to say enough about this amazing series, but believe me when I say that it is PHENOMENAL. Thank author Deena Remiel yet again for another terrific book. Now hurry up please and release the next one!!!

So on I go in my waiting mode once mode *sigh* patiently waiting for Demon A La Mode.

The Book Waitress
Devil Du Jour
Demon A La Mode (to be released)

Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel star
Angel Anne Reviews

Cruel. . .and Unusual by D. Michelle Gent

Review for: Cruel . . . and Unusual by D. Michelle Gent
Anne Nelson

And here I go again, as I crawl into the world created by author Michelle D Gent!!! So far I think that I have read almost all of her amazing books!!! Ummm, I’ll have to do a count and see how many more I actually have to read though.

In Cruel . . . And Unusual we are taken back into the weird creepy world of probably one of the most infamous serial killers that we have known in our life time- Jack the Ripper, but with an added twist of course.

Michelle has a way of being able to tell a story that is easy for the readers to grab hold of, latching on for the ride of insanity- in the crazy mind of each main character, and in this case that of the mind of “Jack”! *shivers*

It’s going to be hard to say too much about the storyline without giving away too much or spoilers so I think I need to stay away from this part, where I actually do try to tell you more about it. (Sorry)

What really happened so long ago in White chapel? Do you know? I sure in the heck don’t know for SURE. All I can say is that what is portrayed in this book is one that will have you rethinking or thinking maybe for the first time, into the real story of this creepy guy. What happens to a person that can make them go so terribly wrong, to do such things???

This book is an awesome read, and one that you will find very intriguing and unnerving at the same time, well at least it did for me.

Cruel . . . and Unusual is definitely a book that I would recommend as a fantastic read, so as I say many times in my reviews: if you haven’t had the chance to read this book then I suggest that you take the time and pick yourself up a copy of this book by Michelle Gent, I truly feel that you will enjoy it as much as I did..

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to read yet another of your books Michelle!! I loved it.

Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 4.5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews

Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving & Shakin'

The amazing Rue Volley has decided to move her fanpage over on FB. With Blood & Light Series Page close to 3000 fans, migrating over won’t be easy but I think we are up to the challenge!

If you haven’t already discovered this Indie Writer Extraordinaire, let me enlighten you on just a few of her amazing talents! With over 20 books published in several different genres; from YA Paranormal to Erotica and even Children’s fantasy. Her talent knows no bounds!
But her writing is just one of many amazing things this lady can do. A remarkable photographer with an eye for detail, Rue is co-owner of Vivid Book Designs. Vivid offers affordable and unique book covers for both ebooks and print. With amazing graphic designers and photographers, they can help make your cover personal and one of a kind! For more information about Vivid and their amazing work, go here: Vivid Book Designs.

Although, Rue’s books and her photos are incredible, her handmade jewelry is mind-blowing! Beautiful pieces of ribbons, pendants, headbands all made from unique materials that you wouldn’t expect to be so lovely as wearable art but there is no other way to describe them. Her jewelry is wearable art and the pieces I own are my favorite pieces of jewelry. Please check out this amazing web store. I have no doubt that you will fall in love with her work like I have!

Here's the links to her new Facebook page and her personal page:

Let see if we can get her to 1000 likes by the end of the week. I know we can do it!!




Friday, January 18, 2013

LONDON: A Double Gun Dealer Novella by Rue Volley

My review for: LONDON by Rue Volley
My rating: 5 out 0f 5 stars
Shanna Roberson

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

Another amazing book in the land of demons and their hunters! I am completely taken with the idea of a full circle series and Rue Volley knows what she is doing!

In this installment, we are taken back to London, 1948. Ethan was born into a life of a whore. His mother was one and his father a repeat customer. So he had no problem with selling his body for money. He was good at it; actually pretty friggin’ great at it. He was attentive and sexy as hell. For the most part, he was okay with his way of living.

Until a stranger called him out on it, making him feel like utter garbage. In ten minutes, this woman basically knocked him down and destroyed his ego. She got him in a way that was painful real and it totally pissed him off to no end. But that was her job. She was a tracker and it was time for Ethan to wake up.

I am so madly in love with this world and the sexy hunters that are determined to protect it. With each book, we get another piece to the puzzle and the more I read, the more I want! I love London and his ‘screw all attitude’ and Izzy. Oh, I can’t wait to learn more about this tracker! She is such a ball of fire and ass-kicking awesomeness. Keep them coming, Rue Volley! I am looking forward to the next one but dreading the end of this amazing series!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LIN: A Double Gun Dealer Novella by Rue Volley


My review for: LIN: A Double Gun Dealer novella by Rue Volley
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Shanna Roberson

*I received an e-ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wow. They just keep getting better and better. I am so madly in love with this series and all the hunters.

In this installment, we met Marcy, a sexy but mouthy girl tending bar in Lindenberg, Germany. She has modest flat and if you don’t count the creepy next door neighbor, she is fairly happy. With her dreams becoming unbearably lucid, she finds herself a little flustered to say the least.

Enter London, a sexy demon hunter with not only a pretty face but a fierce intelligence that makes Marcy’s toes curl. Nothing sexier than an intelligent guy. Curious in more ways than one, Marcy agrees to go with him to a diner a few blocks from the bar.

But she gets more than she bargains for when the demons catch up to them. Battling an innate instinct deep inside her, she must decide if this amazing stranger is worth the danger of demon hunting or will she deny herself her destiny?

Just brilliant, Rue Volley! I can stress enough how amazing this series is. It has it all from sexy heroines and heroes, crazy ass villains and the hottest sex around! So have you been bitten by Rue bug yet? If not, what the heck are you waiting for?  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cover Reveal: Phoenix Rising By: Lisa Morgan!

Phoenix Rising By: Lisa Morgan

 Maggie has lived the last ten years with a woman who isn't her mother and carrying the label "Daughter of John Henning", a man sentenced to live out his days at Sunnyview Psychiatric Hospital after his conviction of fire-bombing a church. . .and killing the 8 people inside.

What Maggie learns will change her life.

She is the last of a race of creatures known as "The Phoenix", a race of supernatural beings with the ability to wield and control fire. And she will need that power now. . .

Revenants- walking, living, skeletal creatures who have waged a war against an unseen, parallel world known simply as The Realm- need Maggie's blood to bring them to a full power...a power that will give them an unbeatable edge and offer the deciding weapon in this war.

Maggie is not alone as she learns not only what she really is, but what it is her destiny to become. . .
For more information on this Author:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sirocco (Forest Magic #2) by Diane M. Haynes

Review for: Sirocco (Forest Magic #2) by Diane M. Haynes
Anne Nelson

I couldn‘t wait to read this book, and I purchased it pretty much as soon as it was released. Thanks so much Diane for the wonderful opportunity to read Sirocco. I finished it that same night and am now feeling well enough to sit at my computer to type up a quick review for it.

I loved Rift Healer, so I was anxious to get into this one. And to find out all the adventures with the twins is as exciting and hair pulling as it was with Rift Healer.

But the adventures must continue and that they did! Now I can't wait to see what they all get into next in the next book. I sure hope that it comes out soon.

Diane has definitely kept this amazing story captivating for all of to follow, with the way the storyline flows continuously. So smoothly as the characters develop and grow with the story.

Sirocco has taken first place for me with the immense, action packed adventures, keeping you turning the pages until you reach the end, then as you reach the end you realize that you are then going to have to wait for the next book to come out! At this point it’s not a good thing that I have read the book so fast.

Well done once again Diane for this amazing book. Now hurry up and feed us your faithful readers some more of this gripping story. PLEASE.

This is a definite read for anyone.

Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews

Thursday, January 10, 2013

SALEM: A Double Gun Dealer Novella by Rue Volley

My review for: SALEM by Rue Volley
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Shanna Roberson

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion, but with that said, I will be buying a copy once it is released. Yes it is that good.

It’s official. I am addicted to this series. Rue has mastered the art of storytelling from any angle including from the male POV.

In this installment of Double Gun Dealer, we find out more about how Salem became a hunter or rather how Brian became Salem.

Brian is like most twenty-something guys but he has an above average IQ and a coveted position at a top-notched Biotech company. Keeping to his self most days, Brian longs for deeper connections but his delusions and lack of sleep makes it hard to act normal. With his delusions getting worse by the minute and his hearing painfully keener, Brian is just trying to keep his job and not lose his head completely.

But when someone he cared about takes a nose dive from the top floor of her building and lands on the hood of his car, he knows things have finally reached a tipping point.

Now with the cops thinking he is a murderer and the hellish glitches in his mind become a constant, he is ready to disappear. He is coming to terms with the fact he has probably lost his shit completely now. Then enters Ava, with her pink hair and guns blazing like a goddamn gothic angel. And with that entrance, Salem is born and everything changes.

I am totally enamored with Salem and the more I learn about him, the more I love. I can’t wait to hear all about the hunters. I am officially hooked and I am okay with that. Keep the crazy sexiness coming, Rue. I am so game.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

AVA: A Double Gun Dealer Novella by Rue Volley

My review for: AVA by Rue Volley
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Shanna Roberson

Wow. Give me a second, I am still reeling. I didn’t think it was possible to love another series as much as I love Rue Volley’s Hunter’s Blood series but look here . . . Rue has done it again!

Ava is a smart-mouthed waitress in a dirty 'little hole in the wall' diner. Orphaned earlier on, she has always kept others at arm’s length. And she was content. Well, sort of. There was always something missing and not just the ability to dream. It was a deeper need and she didn’t know then but she was able have a crash course into what she really was and what’s been missing in her life.

And after an odd conversation with a deliciously hot stranger on her lunch break, she hadn’t a clue of how much her life was about to change. Enter Saigon, a dark and seductive specimen of a man and all hell breaks loose. Literally. And now Ava has a choice to make to accept her destiny and give in to her true nature or pretend this sexy stranger didn’t just kill a winged demon in front of her. Oh, not a chance.

Rue delivers an action-packed, fast paced journey with a sexy hero and an even sexier heroine. I haven’t fallen this hard for a fictional character since Hunter from her Hunter’s Blood Series. Ava’s crass tongue and quick wit won me over just as much as Sai’s seductive presence. AVA has it all. It will leave you breathless, toes curled and begging for more!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Lady Can Never Be Too Curious by Mary Wine

My review for: A Lady Can Never Be Too Curious by Mary Wine
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Trudy Powders

This is the first Mary Wine book I have ever read and I loved it!

The story takes us to the world of the Illuminist, men and women of science and their enemies, the Helikeian.  Janette sneaks into a meeting of the Illuminist. The men soon realize what she is and how important she is to the order. Janette meets Darius and is attracted to him .Janette knows she is special but isn’t sure until Darius explains to her. .

As their feelings grow, Janette rushes to try to save her friend Sophia after the evil gets hold of her. Janette leaves a hidden message for Darius, who arrives to help. Janette and Darius spend time alone. There is a lot going on in this story, minor ‘stories’ that connect and form a strong cast and exciting adventure.

Unforgiven by B.J. Daniels

My review for: Unforgiven by B.J. Daniels
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Trudy Powders

Once again we are transported to the beauty and the harshness of Montana. We meet the Grant and West families. Torn apart by the murder of his sister, Ginny; Rylan and Destry resent each other but never stop loving each other. Rylan believes Destry’s brother Carson killed his sister Ginny.

As the story unfolds we meet the towns’ people and become involved in all their lives. This story is full of plot twists and turns. Eventually Rylan and Destry start to believe the other and begin to work together.

Tragedy strikes Destry’s family; secrets are revealed. This is a very strong story. I enjoyed the detail of the beauty and danger of life lived in Montana. The ranching life came alive for me. This book is an awesome read.

Hot & Spicy: De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias

My review for: Hot & Spicy: De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Trudy Powders

I have never read a book mixed with Spanish and English. I was proud of myself that I was able to read the story without going to the glossary at the back of the book.

This book follows the De La Cruz family. Jose Enrique needs a date for his family celebration, he chooses Jessica Cortez. Jose Enrique starts to have feelings for Jessica at first not knowing Jessica has loved him all along.

The story follows the family and the family business. All is going well until an enemy kidnaps members of the family. The family all bands together to get back the members, other loves happen. The danger is not over. I enjoyed this story.

Rite of Passage (Supernatural #10) by John Passarella

My review for: Rite of Passage (Supernatural #10) by John Passarella
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Trudy Powders
This story follows the brothers, Dean and Sam to New Jersey, along with fellow hunter Bobby Singer. Strange happenings start to happen in a small town. The monster in this story is a Oni named Tora who had visited the town years before. He has come back to claim what is his and to perform a ritual.
At first he seems to be unstoppable for the hunters. Then with the help of a retired hunter, Roy the boys learn how to stop the Oni. Blood and carnage follow the Oni. He comes very close to completing the ritual; many lives are lost.
Sam keeps having Lucifer visits and really must struggle to stay with it and keep his sanity. Once again Mr. Passarella does a wonderful story that fits right in with the brothers lives. I enjoyed this story it was fresh and exciting.

Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

My review for: Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Trudy Powders

 All I can say about this book is WOW! JR Ward has done it again with a heartfelt story following Tohr as he is still grieving his former wife Wellsie.

 Tohr befriends a woman named No One a woman from his past. Tohr is told his beloved Wellsie is stuck and can’t move on unless he does. His pain is so deep you grieve with him. No One becomes very important to this story.

 The Brothers are still fighting the evil in Caldwell. Wrath is targeted and struck down. I am so anxious for the next book in this beloved series!

Reckless by Jennifer Loren

My review for: Reckless by  Jennifer Loren
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Trudy Powders
This book is the sequel to Finding Ava. Reckless takes us back to the lives of Sean and Ava who met in the first book. The couple are now married and Sean is anxious about a new movie project with his friend Joel, Reckless.
Ava is happy being home with their daughter Lillah and working less. Joel and Rebecca move into Sean’s guest home. Things start to happen and Ava becomes the victim. Sean doesn’t believe Ava at first until he figures things out. Sean’s brother Ethan tries to warn him to be careful.
Ethan’s own secrets are revealed. Tragedy strikes both Sean and Ava and their marriage starts to suffer. With the help of their family and friends circumstances do get better. People are not always whom they seem to be. Strong story leaves us with a cliffhanger. Well written.

Deja Blue (The Ruby Blue Series) by Julie Cassar

Review: Deja Blue (The Ruby Blue Series) by  Julie Cassar
Anne Nelson
Brennan and Anya are franticly trying to find out who is after Ruby. (I love these two) why is Ruby in trouble again? Oh my, will Anya and Brennan ever find out who is after Ruby, and will it be in enough time if they do?
Ruby’s gifts are going as each trial or adventure is encountered, ones that she never thought possible.
Author Julie Cassar is such a phenomenal in her writing style, as she captivates us all. Whether you’re a YA or adult you will truly enjoy it just as I have. I promise you wont be disappointed one bit. You will fall in love with this series.
If you haven’t yet to indulge yourself in the amazing world of Ruby, you are truly missing out on a terrific story and read. It will have you impatiently waiting for the next book to be released.
So beautifully written, with loveable characters that your mind and heart will be spinning on a roller coaster of a ride, so hurry up and jump on board as it comes to a slide.. But beware you are in for a dynamic ride!!! But I can promise you this ride wont end at that end of this book. So hold on tight.
Hurry up Ms Cassar, and give us some ore of Ruby and her friends so we can soar straight into “Sky Blue”
Ruby Blue
Deja Blue
Sky Blue (to be released)
Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews