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Friday, April 19, 2013

Jenna Kay's Silver Eagle Blog Tour Presented by Nevermore PR

 Book Blurb:
Silver Eagle

There is a world invisible to Untouched eyes, where demons rule the shadows and prey on the innocents. Gracen Potts lives in this world. Her job is to serve and protect those who are oblivious to the monsters hiding from the light.

As a Silver Mortal Gracen has the power to send these demons back to Hell. With the Silver Eagle's blood running through her veins she feels like nothing can take her down. That is, until she meets a group of Night Vipers who have escaped the Viper clan.

Can Gracen keep doing her job of demon slaying and protect the rebel Vipers?

My review for: Silver Eagle by Jenna Kay
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Shanna Roberson

Wow. What an amazingly addictive read!

Sixteen year old, Gracen Potts isn’t your typical teenager. Don’t get me wrong, she has the overbearing mother, the chatty and slightly easy best friend and absolutely no idea when it comes to boys. In that area, sure she is your average teen just trying to make it from day to day, but that is where the ordinary ends for her.

You see, Gracen carries a secret and job to protect the innocent from the demonic scourge that is threatening to take over her city. She is a Silver Mortal or a Touched human; a purest of hearts human touched by divine power to uphold the protection of humans from the evil of Hell.

But when there is guardians of good, there is bound to be a darker counterpart, Night Vipers.  And like the Silver Mortals, they hold immense supernatural power. So when a Viper stumbles into her life, needing her help, it is safe to say she is a little bit apprehensive. Especially when this Viper, makes her feel so uncontrolled. When her mortal enemy, claims to want to change sides, how can she be certain that this isn’t a trap? How can this Viper, Phoenix win her trust? And what is it about him that she finds so irresistible?

The entire book is one hell of a whirlwind of twists and turns that keep the reader’s attention completely. The heroine, Gracen is the perfect leading lady with her kickassery and her ability to keep most people at bay. Jenna Kay’s style of writing is impossible to put down and I literally can’t wait for book two! I think I just found a new favorite series/writer!!

About the Author:

Jenna Kay has always had a vivid imagination.  At the age of thirty she decided it was time to put her imagination to work. Growing up with three older brothers made her strong and one tough cookie.  She was blessed with two loving parents, both that encouraged her to follow her dreams and always made sure that she was in Church.  Her mama is her biggest fan.  She graduated from high school in Georgia, where she played varsity basketball. Later, she obtained a cosmetology license from the State of Georgia and practiced cosmetology for 8 years before becoming a full time mother and author.  Her works include Mark of the Seer, Broken (The Seer Society Series), Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles), and Beyond the Never Anthology.

Jenna currently resides in North Georgia where, when not writing, she spends  time with her three young children and her loving husband.
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