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Friday, May 3, 2013

Patagonia: City of Ghosts by the fabulous Madison Daniel & Rue Volley

Meet Paige, a girl who would love to just live a normal life, but after a hellish invasion of earth by an enemy no one has even seen, she finds herself thrown into survival mode as she battles to maintain some sort of humanity.
Fighting for life-giving water as the earth dies she encounters a stranger, a boy by the name of Fin, who will show her things she never imagined possible.
What if the world you knew was a lie?
Welcome to Patagonia, city of ghosts.
How friggin' awesome does that sound?! Yup. All kinds of awesomeness when Mad Dan and Rue are involved! *squeeeee*
Release Date: May 18th
Genre: Adult/Sci-Fi/Paranormal
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