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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Q&A with the Fabulous Danielle Farman

Blood & Milk: Tainted Dreams by Danielle Farman
Release Date: May 22nd 
Publisher: Vamptasy
Maya's quiet life changes beyond recognition when she meets and falls in love with Adrian. Just when she thinks her life of loneliness and pain is over, she learns that Adrian has a secret. The shy but sexy guitarist is tormented by blood lust. He and his fellow band members are vampires. Their leader, Nicholas, believes they are messengers of God sent to do His will by murdering the sinners of the world. Maya fights for her life and sanity as she tries to save Adrian from Nicholas' grasp.

Q&A with the author

1.     Most of my favorite authors are indie or self-pubbed, what made me you decide to go that route? And what made you decide on Vamptasy?

I adore many indie and self-pubbed authors too! I was recommended by a friend to send my manuscript to Vamptasy, so I looked them up. I loved their way of doing things and how friendly they appeared.

2.   Do you have any advice for other writers?

Honestly, don’t give up on your dreams! I never thought I would ever have a novel published yet here I am! Never push yourself too much. Enjoy writing and revel in your amazing imagination.

3.   If you had to choose, which writer would you consider the biggest influence in your writing?


That is a tough one! My all-time favourite author is Stephen King. I admire how blunt and ‘straight to the point’ he is. People are often criticized for what they write, but he never cared. I remember an interview I read with King. He was asked something like ‘why do you write about such scary things?’ and he replied ‘why do you assume I have a choice?’ In school I was often made fun of and criticized for my style of writing and themes, and after reading those wise words of Stephen Kings I smiled and carried on writing what I enjoyed to write about. My style is obviously different than his, but he influenced me in this way.

4.   What are your current projects? Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I am currently working on another paranormal romance novel. It is dark and gothic, much like ‘Blood and Milk’, but slightly more light-hearted. I have another novel idea for after that as well. It will be the darkest of my creations which is both exciting and frightening for me.

5.   Okay, those were some pretty basic questions. Let’s get a bit more personal. How much of Blood and Milk is based on actually life experience?

Parts of it are loosely based on life occurrences, such as some of the less extreme experiences the characters have with bullies. What Maya see’s when she is out at night in the town is very much real. That’s the scary part. And I know a bunch of vampires who live together in a cellar. Just kidding.

6.   What is one of your writing quirks? Do you plot out your books or just freely write them and let the characters tell you what to do next?

I always try to plan my books as best I can before writing them, but characters have an amazing ability to change beneath your fingertips as you type. They surprise me sometimes, and do the craziest things.

7.   Any song or songs that could basically sum up the overall mood of Blood and Milk?

There are a few songs I listen to that inspire me to write ‘Blood and Milk’ such as ‘Cry for Eternity’ by Dragonforce, ‘Nemo’ by Nightwish, ‘Parasite God’ by Mortiis and ‘Fear of the Dark’ by Iron Maiden. The lyrics and themes aren’t completely relevant, but many are.

8.   Describe yourself in three words.

 Nervous, eccentric and sarcastic.

9.   Besides being an amazing writer, what else do you feel you need to accomplish before you die?

There are so many things! I would love for my novels to inspire people. I am actually currently pregnant with my first child, so I hope to accomplish being an awesome mother too! And possibly be taken on by an alternative modeling agency at some point as I also enjoy doing alternative modeling as a hobby.

Excerpt from Blood & Milk:

At some point down the line I had tried to walk through that forest again. I had tried to face those trees. They stood tall, hanging over me, knowing the truth. The earth beneath my sodden boots had tasted her blood, and so had the fallen leaves and overgrown grass. Nature was a hushed spectator. The trees whispered words of judgment as I passed by them. Gently, they moved together, watching me. I had felt their presence that day as well. The day I found Jemma. The world had been silent like the grave, holding its breath as it waited for me to find her. Nature would judge me for loving Adrian.

When I had found her lying there I debated whether she was just sleeping. Her dead body lay there perfectly, like someone lying in their coffin. Her hair was tainted red, but it was placed so caringly on her shoulders. The white dress had been made presentable, just passing her knees. Her hands were positioned on her stomach, one on top of the other. My mind had discarded the wound on her neck, and the blood on her dress. It was her fingers, and the missing nails. All ten fingers and thumbs rested on her dress without nails. I just stood there, staring at her hands. I noticed the blood underneath them, and so curiosity took over. Blankly and mechanically, I had lifted her hands, cringing at how cold they felt.

I screamed and threw myself away from her, landing on my front as I attempted to turn away. My scream had ripped through the silent air. It was too loud, so I covered my mouth. I twisted my body around to check what I had seen was real. Seeing it again made me taste vomit in my mouth. It burned in my throat. It was then I noticed the gaping hole in her neck. This image was the beginning of so many tainted dreams.

Those memories were vivid in my mind as I walked there once more. I recalled phoning the police, and then waiting for them. I had just stood there staring at her. The trees watched all of this, and the wind gently wept.

I could see her everywhere. Her face appeared in the bark of the trees. The knots in the wood became her eyes. Every branch on the ground was her listless body, still waiting to be found. A supermarket bag became her dress, and the red leaves on the ground was a sea of her blood. I swore I could still smell her rotting body. It mixed together with the smells of nature, and cold air.

The sleeping zombie still lay slumbering in my mind, and I could see her everywhere I looked in the forest. Her blood tainted my mind, while Adrian’s secret tainted my life.

This sick reality was eating away at my already fragile mind. Adrian’s blood was contaminated by sinful desires. Those dreams of his blood falling into milk were a reality. Nicholas seen me as the problem. He seen it as my milk was contaminating Adrian’s blood. Nicholas, my antagonist. I hated him with ever inch of my body and soul. But I would keep Adrian sane. He is my love. I was the prayer to his tainted dreams, even though he was the cause of mine.


About the Author:


Danielle was born in Aberdeen, in the North East of Scotland and lives in her beloved bungalow with her boyfriend and several pets she likes to call her 'familiars'. She enjoys writing, reading, going on long walks while listening to music and modeling as her alter ego Jester Jinx. Danielle mainly writes paranormal romance and horror stories. It has been her dream since the age of five to be a published author.

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