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Saturday, September 29, 2012

In My Dreams by Cameo Renae

My review for: In My Dreams
Cameo Renae

Firstly, thank you do much Author Cameo Renae for the phenomenal “Gift” of your amazing novel, “In My Dreams”.

What an amazing must read for all paranormal romance lovers. My heart was breaking for the two main characters, Lizzy and Michael as I was flying through this book.

Keep a tissue box close at hand as you immerse yourself in this spectacular read.

Lizzy patiently waiting for the love of her life Michael to arrive and pick her up for a very special date. She falls asleep on her couch while waiting…
Only to be awakened by a traumatic phone call, with the devastating news of Michael being in a car accident.

Lizzy is heartbroken as her perfect life with Michael is suddenly torn away from her in a flash… The struggles that she goes through are so “real to life” as Lizzy is wrapped up in finding out the true truth of how her soul mate died, and how she is going to survive without him in her life.

She is having strange very detailed occurrences while she is dreaming. She has like a front row seat of her Michaels death. And who had actually murdered him!!! Grrr, so not fair.

Lizzy can and does make contact with Michael, but only through her dreams. Michael is trying to help her find his killer, and she is also experiencing things along the way like being able to do things that they hadn’t managed to do together while he was still alive. (totally awesome, I know right?)

Michael helps her survive against being kidnapped by the same person who had murdered him. The murderer is now after Lizzy.

Ok, I’m giving away to much again of the story, so with that being said I will say this:
“In My Dreams” is a epic paranormal romance, unlike no other that I have read or seen, he love of Michael and Lizzy is so pure it warms your own heart, and yet it will also break it at the same time… it’s a precious gifted love, inspiring you to believe that yes, there is a love that is so gripping as theirs.

In My Dreams is so full of thrilling rides, and I do mean “rides” with unexciting events that will take you around corners faster than ever. Cameo Renae gives us everything in hr debut novel, that most definetly leaves you eagerly waiting to wee when her next novel is due out.

~~ A love that is truly magical ~~

Recommend: YA
Rating: 5/5 angel stars

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