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Friday, September 28, 2012

Shadows & Voices (Holly Silverstone, #1) by Jason Ellis

My review for: Shadows & Voices; A Holly Silverstone adventure by Jason Ellis

Firstly, thank you Jay Ellis for the amazing “gift” of Shadow & Voices; Holly Silverstone adventure, I absolutely loved it. To follow is my fair and unbiased opinion.

Oh my goodness what a entertaining adventure of a book!!!! Thank you so very much Author Jason Ellis for this amazing trip that allowed my mind to travel back to my younger days, where a child’s mind was filled with imagination, and no fear of being scared to tackle an adventure….

Holly received a note, that she can only see, (this reminded me of invisible ink from when I was a kid) inviting her to attend Highlands Academy… a school for gifted children, one that schools them in their own particular gifts.
It teaches them about a “unseen” world; Obscura.

One of the teachers at Highlands Academy becomes her friend, Ovissa disappears one day and holly is bound and determined to find/save her no matter what the consequences are!!! Can Holly save Ovissa, using the detective skills she has learned from Ovissa? Will she be in time? I’m not going to say much more about the story, (others have done a fantastic summary)…. But I must dy this, Holly’s adventures are ones that I’m going to be following!!!

I need to see how far she will come with her schooling, how she uses her gifts, and heck ya, her next adventure :-D WELL DONE JASON ELLIS (Jay)

Although her adventures, I think are more for pre teen/YA, by no means don’t get me wrong. This series isn’t only for the younger generation, because I myself am WAY past my teenage years and I enjoyed it immensely!!!! *nods head, yes I did*

I eagerly await the next wild adventure of Holly… woot woot.

Recommend: YA (and pre teens)
Rating: 5/5 angel stars

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