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Friday, October 5, 2012

Desire and Fate by Beth Wright

My Review for Desire and Fate by Beth Wright
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Carrie Perkins-Cunningham

I received this free in exchange for an honest review, and extremely glad I got the chance to read it!!

Not something I would ever choose for myself, I was hesitant to start in on this very short story of a woman being stuck on another world with beings that would terrify any sane human being. Then I started reading, and got my socks knocked off by just how awesome the story actually is.

Full of emotion, passion and imagination, this story pulls you along as you read each page. You find Hannah; a human woman who is the only survivor of a brutal attack by the Dromgar's who inhabit the island. Taken by Ozanar- the leader of the clan of Dromgar's- as his mate, she is thrown into a world where the females are vicious beasts who want nothing but to mate, and the males are not only the protectors, but the caregivers to their sons.

Hanna is immediately attracted to her would be rescuer, if not a little afraid. She comes to love the young sons of the males around her, especially Ozanar's son, and is soon the most prized female within the clan, if not the entire land.

I found this story fascinating. Though there was a certain part that I didn't like, it was not a fault of the writing style at all, but one of those moments when you yell at the words on the page at the injustice done to someone of the story.

I do recommend this story. It is fantastical for me only because I'm not the usual Fantasy reader, but full of promise, romance and heroism. A definite four star read for me!

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