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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Acropolis (The Acropolis Series) by R.K. Ryals

My review for: The Acropolis (The Acropolis Series) by R.K. Ryals
Anne Nelson
*BOWS DOWN* to this phenomenal new series. Just as spectacular as “The Redemption Trilogy”

I received this book from Author R.K. Ryals herself for my enjoyment and my fair and unbiased opinion in a review.

I was so sad when The Redemption series ended, I didn’t want to think that there was no more of our Dayton and Marcas. But, at the same time I did want to see where Regina was going to take the rest of the characters and us along with them, to see how they would develop within themselves.

The Acropolis us the beginning of what’s to come next. Woot, woot and the main character is my favorite gargoyle Conor!! Our favorite gargoyle returns to captivate us, as his story is told. He’s a gargoyle this we know, he’s a guardian and a protector this we too know, but what is the rest of the story of him?

Conor has a new charge, (he misses his Dayton though) and her name is Emma Chase. Flighty, skittish and scared of everything and everyone. But, yes she has a reason to be this way.

Emma has been sick (or so they thought) for the last 6 years of her life, going from doctor to doctor, test after test… No one can/could figure out what was wrong with Emma. But, yes there were those that did. Why else would Conor who is a protector-guardian be assigned to Emma?

Yes, there are secrets that will come out about Emma, answers to questions sought after not only by the doctors, but by Emma herself for 6 years. Remember everyone has thought that she was dying.

Author Regina Ryals has come out with a bang in her new series “The Acropolis”, and after loving The Redemption Series I didn’t think it was possible to find again to find that my amazement and love for the characters to land smack right back into my hands with The Acropolis, but it did!! Although I had no doubt that Regina would turn out anything but a spectacular new series.

Regina has such a unique way of creating a phenomenal world, so different from our own, yet you can quite easily and pleasantly place yourself exactly in the same spot and emotions as her charters are.

The masterpiece of “The Acropolis” is so engaging that you will find yourself rooting for Conor and Emma just like you did for Dayton and Marcas. *flies high in sky, flaps wingz and cheers*

If book #1 in this series is any indication of what’s to come to us from R.K. Ryals, then we are in for another mind blowing series!! YAY

This series is going to be A MUST READ, I highly recommend that you get on board and get started. I wait eagerly for book 2 to come out in print “The Labyrinth”

This is just the beginning…

Redemption Trilogy

The Acropolis Series
The Acropolis
The Labyrinth

Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews

R.K. Ryals Amazon Page

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