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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Nightmare Stone by Finian Black

My review for: The Nightmare Stone by Finian Black
Anne Nelson

Author Finian Black has a terrific story with “The Nightmare Stone”, his debut novel. Which to me is a shock in a way, I say shock because with the level of imaginative and clever writing seen in this novel you would assume that he was a seasoned author with a multitude of books under his belt already.. But nope, this is in fact his “debut”.

Over the years I have grown to love ghost stories, where before I would say that looks good and would read it hopefully one of these days.

In The Nightmare Stone the beautiful, effortless meshing of a age old much loved fairytale along with mythology was amazing!!! (no I won‘t tell you which fairytale)

I absolutely loved the different time eras that were encompassed throughout the story. Placing yourself exactly as if you were at the scene was so easy for me.

There were so many different twists and turns woven into past and present memories, summarized for us as the story began, (I loved the way it was done) yet I was intrigued to realized it didn’t give everything away half through or in the begin as some do.

I found that right after I had finished The Nightmare Stone, within a short time I was watching the movie, and then I promptly pulled out my book of classic fairytales to read it, as I had as a child.

A haunting, creepy and suspenseful twist of a piece of our childhood, a beloved fairytale that we all remember.

I recommend this novel to teens and up.. You will thoroughly enjoy it, and be surprised at what you do find out.

Well done Author Finian Black, on this phenomenal take on a piece of our childhood memories. I look forward to what is to come as more of your words flow across the pages or screen once more.

Recommend: Teen and up
Rating: 4.5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews

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