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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Deja Blue (The Ruby Blue Series) by Julie Cassar

Review: Deja Blue (The Ruby Blue Series) by  Julie Cassar
Anne Nelson
Brennan and Anya are franticly trying to find out who is after Ruby. (I love these two) why is Ruby in trouble again? Oh my, will Anya and Brennan ever find out who is after Ruby, and will it be in enough time if they do?
Ruby’s gifts are going as each trial or adventure is encountered, ones that she never thought possible.
Author Julie Cassar is such a phenomenal in her writing style, as she captivates us all. Whether you’re a YA or adult you will truly enjoy it just as I have. I promise you wont be disappointed one bit. You will fall in love with this series.
If you haven’t yet to indulge yourself in the amazing world of Ruby, you are truly missing out on a terrific story and read. It will have you impatiently waiting for the next book to be released.
So beautifully written, with loveable characters that your mind and heart will be spinning on a roller coaster of a ride, so hurry up and jump on board as it comes to a slide.. But beware you are in for a dynamic ride!!! But I can promise you this ride wont end at that end of this book. So hold on tight.
Hurry up Ms Cassar, and give us some ore of Ruby and her friends so we can soar straight into “Sky Blue”
Ruby Blue
Deja Blue
Sky Blue (to be released)
Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars
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