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Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving & Shakin'

The amazing Rue Volley has decided to move her fanpage over on FB. With Blood & Light Series Page close to 3000 fans, migrating over won’t be easy but I think we are up to the challenge!

If you haven’t already discovered this Indie Writer Extraordinaire, let me enlighten you on just a few of her amazing talents! With over 20 books published in several different genres; from YA Paranormal to Erotica and even Children’s fantasy. Her talent knows no bounds!
But her writing is just one of many amazing things this lady can do. A remarkable photographer with an eye for detail, Rue is co-owner of Vivid Book Designs. Vivid offers affordable and unique book covers for both ebooks and print. With amazing graphic designers and photographers, they can help make your cover personal and one of a kind! For more information about Vivid and their amazing work, go here: Vivid Book Designs.

Although, Rue’s books and her photos are incredible, her handmade jewelry is mind-blowing! Beautiful pieces of ribbons, pendants, headbands all made from unique materials that you wouldn’t expect to be so lovely as wearable art but there is no other way to describe them. Her jewelry is wearable art and the pieces I own are my favorite pieces of jewelry. Please check out this amazing web store. I have no doubt that you will fall in love with her work like I have!

Here's the links to her new Facebook page and her personal page:

Let see if we can get her to 1000 likes by the end of the week. I know we can do it!!




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