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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Devil Du Jour (Book 2 of The Book Waitress Series) by Deena Remiel

Review for: Devil Du Jour (Book 2 of The Book Waitress Series) by Deena Remiel
Anne Nelson

Yay, as I fly into Devil Du Jour with its continuing story and events from The Book Waitress!

I must tell you right now that I am a HUGE fan of author Deena Remiel!! I fell in love with the mighty “Brethren” books, and have been hooked ever since. *swoon* I always wait eagerly for the next book to come out. Man, oh man you gotta love my boys!!

Now Deena Remiel has done it again, I am now truly captivated on this new series The Book Waitress. Weaving all the characters together, making a spellbinding story for us all as avid Deena readers to enjoy.

Now lets see, in book two Devil Du Jour Camille and Derek’s relationship is ramping up as the events of the ugly evil rears it ugly head *shivers*, to try and grip a tighter hold on the town that they live in. Will evil succeed ? I don’t think so not with Camille and Derek around!!! The mighty duo of strength.

Camille will be taking a big step as she moves forward in major way, that only she can do to try and unravel the mysteries of the evil. What is it that she can do? Do you know what it is? I do… Hoping to get answers to what’s going on.

There is so much that is happening in this story that to go any further will be giving to much away, and thus giving spoilers. So at this point I must say that if you haven’t got your hands on this series, you are truly missing out on a spectacular book and phenomenal read!!!.

So start with The Book Waitress read it real fast to get caught you on the storyline, then fly your happy excited self straight into Devil Du Jour!!! Poof, you will be exactly where I am now, waiting for Demon A La Mode with it’s follow-up to this series.

I can seem to say enough about this amazing series, but believe me when I say that it is PHENOMENAL. Thank author Deena Remiel yet again for another terrific book. Now hurry up please and release the next one!!!

So on I go in my waiting mode once mode *sigh* patiently waiting for Demon A La Mode.

The Book Waitress
Devil Du Jour
Demon A La Mode (to be released)

Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel star
Angel Anne Reviews

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