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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cruel. . .and Unusual by D. Michelle Gent

Review for: Cruel . . . and Unusual by D. Michelle Gent
Anne Nelson

And here I go again, as I crawl into the world created by author Michelle D Gent!!! So far I think that I have read almost all of her amazing books!!! Ummm, I’ll have to do a count and see how many more I actually have to read though.

In Cruel . . . And Unusual we are taken back into the weird creepy world of probably one of the most infamous serial killers that we have known in our life time- Jack the Ripper, but with an added twist of course.

Michelle has a way of being able to tell a story that is easy for the readers to grab hold of, latching on for the ride of insanity- in the crazy mind of each main character, and in this case that of the mind of “Jack”! *shivers*

It’s going to be hard to say too much about the storyline without giving away too much or spoilers so I think I need to stay away from this part, where I actually do try to tell you more about it. (Sorry)

What really happened so long ago in White chapel? Do you know? I sure in the heck don’t know for SURE. All I can say is that what is portrayed in this book is one that will have you rethinking or thinking maybe for the first time, into the real story of this creepy guy. What happens to a person that can make them go so terribly wrong, to do such things???

This book is an awesome read, and one that you will find very intriguing and unnerving at the same time, well at least it did for me.

Cruel . . . and Unusual is definitely a book that I would recommend as a fantastic read, so as I say many times in my reviews: if you haven’t had the chance to read this book then I suggest that you take the time and pick yourself up a copy of this book by Michelle Gent, I truly feel that you will enjoy it as much as I did..

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to read yet another of your books Michelle!! I loved it.

Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 4.5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews

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