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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rue Volley's Double Gun Dealer Blog Tour


Double Gun Dealer Series
The Double Gun Dealer series is a fast paced, adrenaline filled ride you will never forget. It is written in true Tarantino fashion with strong elements of anime influenced action scenes. 6 books in length this series is sure to entertain you as each book and each demon hunter are connected in a way you never expect pushing the story along and drawing you in till the last line. This series is being shopped to top anime companies in Japan and will hopefully be picked up no later than 2014 for release on blu ray. Pick up your copies now and find out why two guns are better than one.
*Warning this series is for 18+. Its genre being hardcore erotica inspired by anime/manga.
Book One: AVA by Rue Volley

Ava is a waitress in a shitty diner in the heart of New York City. Sai is a mysterious stranger who suddenly appears out of nowhere and seems to bring the wrath of hell with him. Sometimes it is better to just keep to yourself, but in Ava's case, this could never be . . . Sai not only brings hell with him, he also brings all the answers to who and what Ava really is and sets her on the path she was destined to walk. Sexy, action packed with smoking hot love scenes, two guns are definitely better than one.
Book Two: SALEM by Rue Volley
For Brian, life is boring...well, except for the hallucinations and lack of sleep, and oh yeah, the job he has a love/hate releationship with.
Brian is a genius in his field, creating new bio weapons for a company he has no love for, but feels trapped in. He is a loner, has been since his childhood, but longs for a relationship of any kind. His sexual needs are met mostly with his vivid imagination, or perhaps they are real. Who can tell? Along with the hallucinations comes a glimpse into the real world Brian is caught up in, one that a beautiful woman, by the name of AVA, is eager to teach him about. "SALEM" is book 2 in the Double Gun Dealer series and takes you into the origin of Brian a.k.a "Salem", letting you know where he came from and where he is going. This series is graphic in nature with violence, intense language, sexual situations and does not come with ice water, but should. 18+

Book Three: LIN by Rue Volley

Marcy has a crappy job at a bar, one she would love to leave, but cannot afford to give up. She also has to endure a creepy neighbor who is a bit too enamored with her, but she just upgraded her life by moving "uptown" as opposed to "down" so the thought of moving again is also a no-go. Then in walks "LONDON", a mysterious stranger with a beautiful accent and all the right things for Marcy...right up until Hell follows him, literally. As things unravel and passions ignite, Marcy finds herself transforming into something she may have always suspected herself of being, explaining so many things in her life. Will she take the plunge and accept her new powers? Will she let LONDON feed her carnal needs? Find out as "LIN" comes into her own in book #3 of the Double Gun Dealer series, where Demon Hunters do it better.

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My Review for LIN

Book Four: LONDON by Rue Volley

Ethan was born into a life of a whore. His mother was one and his father was a repeat customer. He has never known love, but longs to. Then along comes a beautiful woman by the name of "IZZY", who is about to rock his world in more ways than one, showing him that what he thought was truth was but a lie and that Hell always finds you.

Book Five: IZZY by Rue Volley
Izzy had a terrifying start in life, surviving plague and famine only to end up in the New World fighting for her life as her village was attacked by black winged devils from the sky. It seems her supernatural curse will render her a loner for eternity. Then a handsome young man arrives in town and with him her future follows. Will she finally find the love she longs for or will her curse take everything from her as it always has? This is book 5 in the Double Gun Dealer series and is MALVS 18+.

Book Six: SAIGON by Rue Volley
Meet Saigon, a sharp tongued and jaded man who hates his station in life as much as he misses his lost love. He is a Hunter, not just any Hunter...he hunts demons who feast on human flesh and wish for destruction. With his dreams and visions becoming stronger, he tries his best to prepare for "her" to finally arrive. Will Saigon find redemption for past sins? Will he finally allow love to penetrate his broken heart and accept his fate? Join us in the incredible conclusion to the DGD series as we come full circle and have all questions answered, proving that everyone and everything are connected in some way. This series is MALVS 18+

Q&A with Demon Hunter Extraordinaire

Now here’s the fun part . . . I was able to persuade the lovely Izzy for a visit. Here is what she had to say! 
Shanna: First I would like to thank you for spending my birthday with me, Izzy. It does make turning a year older worthwhile. I’ll admit you are one of my favorite book girlfriends. You’re sexy, kickass and brutally honest. Tell me, were you always like that?
Izzy: I am sorry, what? I was busy looking at your lips, they are beautiful.
Shanna: *shivers* Well now what was I saying? Oh yes, here is an easy one. Name your top favorite things to do besides killing demons.
Izzy: Loading my gun. Cocking my gun. Shooting my gun. The other two start and end in bed.
Shanna: Name one thing that just makes your blood boil.
Izzy: Being called baby. I hate it and those who…well, they can’t tell you, I fucking killed them.
Shanna: Can't blame you there, it's degrading. Here is a good one, name one thing that makes your toes curl.
Izzy: Mmmmm. Close the door.
Shanna: *saucy grin* As much as I like your train of thought . . . I have a few more questions for you. Do you ever think of Emma?
Izzy: I think of her every single day. I love her dearly and always will.
Shanna: Out of all your kills, does any stand out as being harder or easier than the rest?
Izzy: My first one was probably the hardest, after that it just turned into a normal day for me.
Shanna: Okay last one before I let you go to kick some major demon ass. Heartache and loneliness comes with the title of a hunter. Given the chance, would you do anything differently? Or should I ask would you have rather a different existence?.

Izzy: Sometimes I dream of a house and children. A husband who…who the fuck am I kidding? Without me and the other hunters where would the world be? I mean Demons are some nasty fucks and I have to do my best to kill every single one I encounter. If I could change anything it would be to travel to Hell and shove every single one of them up Satan’s asshole.
Shanna: And that answer is why I love you so! Thanks for keeping me company on my birthday! oxoxox

Rue Volley is a bestselling author, graphic artist and photographer. She splits her time between writing and designing covers for books. She owns "Rue View" magazine and RV Radio, both dedicated to helping those in the Indie Arts get more exposure. She hosts multiple groups on facebook, all dealing with promotion and marketing for artists. She is signed to Vamptasy Publishing and also writes for Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing and Hot Ink Press.
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