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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Forced Intelligence by JH Glaze

Review for: Forced Intelligence by JH Glaze
Anne Nelson

I’m still here sitting shaking my head as I write this review… JH Glaze has once again left me stunned by the way his brain is so unstoppable!!!

Forced Intelligence will have you spinning your thoughts around as you are thrown into the world of a “genius” (the science) ... Sure it is highly possible, ok yes most likely that experiments just like these do happen, it doesn’t help put my mind at ease at all!!! The opposite in fact.

The ending was one that I didn’t see coming at all, makes me wonder if things had turned out differently, where would we be in the world, of intelligence?

YES, I actually cried at the ending, no it can’t end this way, oh my gosh, and wow were a few of my thoughts, I was so taken back.

Still baffled and rattled with this phenomenal story, but it’s still a MUST READ. I will warn you though, you will be spinning in circles just like I was as you try to think this one through with all the possibilities that could be actually happening around us, or behind closed doors in this case.

Forced Intelligence is definitely a dark and daunting read, it will have you second guessing the things we “think” are to be true in the world of science.

1. Nerve rattling - Yes
2. Possible - Yes
3. Entertaining - Yes
4. Scary - Yes
5. Twisted - Yes
6. Sad - Yes

 And this list could go on and on…

It’s an exceptional read, one that could have had a couple of very different endings. Jeff picked this ending… Which one would you or I pick?

Recommend: 16 and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews

JH Glaze Amazon Page

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