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Monday, November 12, 2012

Six Tasks (Dusty The Demon Hunter #6) by D Michelle Gent

Review for: Six Tasks (Dusty The Demon Hunter #6) by D Michelle Gent
Anne Nelson

Firstly I’d like to thank Author Michelle Gent for opportunity to continue this great series of the “Dusty the Demon Hunter” in this short story “Six Tasks”, I received this as a GIFT for my enjoyment and it’s only fair that I write my fair and unbiased opinion in this review.

As I continue into Dusty’s world with Six Tasks I see the characters are continuing to develop, with each new short story you can actually say, “hey now this is getting real good” and that Dusty or Hunter haven’t done this yet!!! Something new and exciting in their adventures.

Now Hunter and Dusty both have tasks/trials to face, which of course brings into light some horror, which is adding a whole new element to this series.

This installment had me keep clicking my next page button on my kindle, getting ahead of myself before I had even finished reading the last sentence of the page that I was on. (geshhh, I do that a lot) Then having to click the back button, read the last sentence fast, then click next page to continue once more.

Woot, Woot bring on the next installment Michelle (Hey I sure hope that there is one)… I am so enjoying this whole series. I would recommend Dusty The Demon Hunter to everyone looking for a quick fast paced read of the paranormal genre.

*angel hugz* Michelle, you have a huge fan in me.

Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 4.5/5 angel stars
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