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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ransom (Book #2 of Redemption) by R. K. Ryals

My review for: Ransom by R. K. Ryals
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Shanna Roberson

Where do I start? First let me say that Ransom was every bit as good as Redemption and where Redemption hinted to the growing feelings between the bonded Naphil Dayton and Demon Marcus, Ransom revealed what we all knew to be true. *swoon*

Ransom starts right where we left off in Redemption, flying on the Carpet of Solomon in pursuit of the Ring of Solomon, a holy artifact that will release the blood bond between the two. With a deathly fear of heights, Dayton is just barely holding it together.

Everyone she has ever loved is fighting a battle against demons sent to destroy her by Marcus’s mother, Lilith. A battle she just abandoned them to fight on their own so she can betray her only allies in order to find a solution to their bonding.

She’s coming undone and with her new power growing by the day, she hasn’t felt more lost in her own skin. The strength of her Light is a force to be reckoned with but her heart . . . her growing affection for her Demon is drowning her focus.

With a war approaching, both sides are scrambling to sway the pair for their own advantages. And the longer the two stay bonded, the more Heaven and Hell fear the outcome. And the longer Dayton stays by Marcus’ side, the more she risks losing her soul. But it isn’t her soul she fears losing the most; it is her heart.

What happens when a child of God and a product of Hell surrender to their desire to be together? With Satan after Marcus’s obedience and Marcus’s crazy brother thinking a joining between demon and nephilim will bring redemption to them all; will the two be able to fight for the right to decide for themselves?

Ransom is an incredible journey that will leave the reader desperate for more. R.K. Ryals is a master storyteller with the ability to create characters that you can’t live without. I am forever hooked; whatever she decides to write, I will definitely buy without question.

Now on to Retribution . . .

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