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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obumbrate (The Illumine Series) by Alivia Anders

My review for: Obumbrate (The Illumine Series) by Alivia Anders
Anne Nelson


Another amazing spectacular read by the talented Author Alivia Anders!!! I fell in love with Alivia’s work with “Illumine” book #1 of this trilogy, after I had on it as a first reads on Goodreads.

Once I was cocooned in my book zone, I didn’t come out until I was completely finished. (well, I did for breaks)

Then came along “Obumbrate” book #2, and I was given a copy by Alivia herself for my enjoy. So off to my *book zone I went* And as an avid reader I feel it only fair to give my fair and unbiased opinion in this review.

Oh my heavens, I fell in love once more as I headed into the world of nephilim, angels, demons and watchers….

Poor Essallie just wants her life to go back to being normal again. Her world is upside down. The immense weight on her shoulders, knowing that she’s half angel created for war, and the only person who could help her is the very same demon that’s still waiting to kill her. And the only chance for her lies in a boy who had died right in front of her!!!

I just want to wrap Essallie in a nice warm blanket, to keep her safe. Man my angel wings won’t stop being all flustered for her as I read this book.

While still coming into her powers, learning just exactly what she can do and not do, also losing people that she cares about, then two trying to gain her attention (Kayden and Ari) it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. But this is just a few insights of whats in store for poor Essallie… oh and did I mention the fighting/warding off of the ever persistent demons??? Ughh

What will be the fate of Essallie? Who will she give her heart to, or will she? Questions, questions every which way you turn. The suspense and story continue to build; all I can say is please hurry Alivia with book #3, “Riven”!!! it has to have some answers for us.

Well done, on this fabulous sequel that has left me once more hanging on the edge of that “Illumine Cliff”


Illumine Series


Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews

Alivia Anders Amazon Page

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