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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Horror Challenge Vol II by JH Glaze

Review for: The Horror Challenge Vol II by JH Glaze
Anne Nelson

*flyz back* Into the amazing world of JH Glaze in this awesome collection of off the wall “words” as thy are woven into short horror stories that are sure to leave you wanting more!!!

Never a huge fan of horror, but that was before my mind was changed quickly as I was pulled into Author JH Glaze’s realm, with his phenomenal writing style in my first book of his Spirit Box. Jeff is a genius in his story telling, leading you down paths never before traveled by you, or come to think of it traveled by any before..

You won’t be disappointed, The Horror Challenge Vol 2 is just as dynamic as Vol. 1.. Pick this one up, and be prepared for a journey jammed packed full of stories unlike any other. (Well besides vol. 1 that is)

I think my favorite in this volume was The Guest House, but they are all great!!!! To be able to take random off the wall words and then build a story around it can only be done by Jeff. Well that’s my opinion anyways.

The Horror Challenge series can be read by everyone (almost) it’s a great quick read that will have you shaking your head in wonderment, trying to figure out how the heck he does it. Gesh all I can say at this point is that I am truly hooked on all of Jeff’s books, and haven’t yet been disappoint one bit… Sacred as heck… yes, hiding behind the book.. yes, trying to see what’s coming next without wanting to turn the page.. Yes and all the while waiting for the next book to come out, knowing full well that it’s gonna get me again.


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